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'The book provides a comprehensive yet practical discussion of guidance strategies that can be implemented in a variety of situations. These strategies promote a respect for children and their rights enhance children's self-esteem and help to foster pro-social skills. This book is a must-read for both students and practitioners who work with children and families.' - Dr Laura McFarland School of Education Charles Sturt UniversityDrawing on the latest research evidence Young Children's Behaviour outlines the beliefs and values that underpin the guidance approach to managing the behaviours of children from birth to eight years of age. In contrast with rewards-and-punishment systems guidance believes that children do not need incentives to behave well but instead need skills. Rather than punishing them for lacking skills guidance teaches young children self-regulation skills so that they can behave considerately.The author provides practical strategies that both meet children's needs and safeguard the rights of surrounding adults and children. These methods include listening being assertive giving positive instructions solving problems collaboratively and coaching children to self-regulate their emotions and impulses. The text also offers advice on responding to many common challenges including separation distress meltdowns aggression and social withdrawal. Finally the book suggests how educators can provide educational and behavioural support for children with atypical development and describes how to foster effective relationships with parents whose children display challenging behaviours.Dr Louise Porter powerfully argues that behaviour guidance is the most effective approach to working with young children and reflects the deepest values of early childhood education and care.Read more


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