Writing Your First Play 2nd Edition 9780240802909
Product Edition:2nd Edition
Author: Roger Hall
Book Name: Writing Your First Play
Subject Name: Social-science

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Writing Your First Play provides the beginning playwright with the tools and motivation to tell a story through dramatic form. Based in a series of exercises which gradually grow more complex the books helps the reader to understand the basic elements of drama conflict and action. The exercises help the reader to become increasingly sophisticated in the use of dramatic formats turning simple ideas into a viable play.Topics include:the role of action in dramadeveloping action and conflict to reveal characterwriting powerful and persuasive dialogwriting from personal experience:pros and conshow to begin the story and develop the storyline.This new edition is thoroughly updated and contains new examples based on contemporary plays. The author has added additional writing exercises and a new student-written one act play. It also contains a new chapter on how to sell your play once it is written.With examples based on student work this text both inspires and educates the student and fledgling playwright providing solid tools and techniques for the craft of writing a drama.Roger A. Hall a professor of theatre at James Madison University had taught playwriting for nearly 20 years. Many of his students have gone on to write for theatre television and the screen. He has written numerous plays and articles and has acted and directed extensively in the theatre.Read more


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