Wellness: The Total Package 2nd Edition 9781465253439
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Book Name: Wellness: The Total Package
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Mindy Hartman Mayol's 2nd edition offers the familiar perspective of multidimensional wellness but also includes additional chapter content and concepts as well as more options for textbook and online assignments to support current and new chapter content. While thoughtful notations of the dimensions of wellness are often referenced few discuss multidimensional wellness in significant detail or with a personal connection. The term "wellness" has become trendy shorthand for physical fitness but dimensions outside the physical dimension are equally important for assisting individuals in making healthy and successful daily decisions. To best secure the success of the individual this book continues to base its focus on the learning of self-reflection and self-responsibility through the discovery of the eight dimensions of wellness including how each innervates in a balanced or unbalanced state (physical mental social spiritual intellectual environmental occupational and financial). Wellness: The Total Package: Incorporates introspective assignments strategically positioned within each chapter and online to encourage perpetual activity skills for adaptation to change and self-reflection for continuous engagement in practicing healthy behaviors. Includes an online complement which reveals an interactive yet autonomous avenue for students to complete poll questions interactive activities assignments and a pre- and post-course Multidimensional Wellness Inventory. Presents two distinct styles of learning assignments and activities to help benefit a student's classroom and personal success in wellness. Provides an atmosphere in which students feel they have more privacy when completing online activities which can contain personal thoughts and information. This book is intended to commence a journey toward healthy energetic and productive planning for one's current and future health and wellness.Read more


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