Veterinary Anatomy Flash Cards 2nd Edition 9781455776832
Product Edition:2nd Edition
Author: saunders
Book Name: Veterinary Anatomy Flash Cards
Subject Name: Science

Veterinary Anatomy Flash Cards 2nd Edition Solutions

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Master veterinary anatomy anytime and anywhere with Veterinary Anatomy Flash Cards 2nd Edition. This updated set of 400 flash cards features approximately 490 full-color illustrations depicting various anatomical drawings of dogs cats horses pigs cows goats birds and now even exotics such as rodents rabbits ferrets lizards and more! The front of each card shows the anatomic image with numbered lead lines pointing to different anatomic structures allowing you to quiz yourself on identification. The back of each card features a numeric answer key for an easy comprehension check. Used in conjunction with your veterinary anatomy text or as a stand alone review tool these flashcards will give you the portable upper hand in mastering all aspects of veterinary anatomy.490 full-color illustrations created by expert medical illustrators bring accurate anatomic structures to life.Organization by regional sections categorizes the cards by the head and ventral neckneck back and vertebral columnthoraxabdomenpelvis and reproductive organsforelimband hindlimb allowing you to easily compare the anatomy of multiple species.Portable format makes these cards the perfect tool for studying on the go.NEW! Anatomy of exotic animals includes coverage on rodents rabbits ferrets lizards and more to ensure you are up to speed on all the small mammals and reptiles that you may encounter in veterinary practice.Read more


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