Uniform Evidence Law Guidebook 1st Edition 9780195523805
Product Edition:1st Edition
Author: John Anderson, Anthony Hopkins
Book Name: Uniform Evidence Law Guidebook
Subject Name: Law

Uniform Evidence Law Guidebook 1st Edition Solutions

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The Uniform Evidence Law Guidebook is the latest in the Guidebook series. It covers the fundamentals of evidence law in the uniform jurisdictions in Australia. It facilitates student learning by using accessible and clear language to explain complex concepts. Questions throughout the text and at end-chapter mirror the assessment types that students will encounter during the course of semester to help practice skills and consolidate content knowledge.Central to this guidebook is its capacity to facilitate student engagement with the process of proof drawing and maintaining explicit links between theory and practice. Through the use of a Criminal Trial Thread Scenario the guidebook enables students to become active participants in a trial promoting deep experiential learning. Witness statements and other materials are provided for the majority of topics areas with each new statement requiring students to apply their acquired knowledge incrementally in a progressive and continuous manner as either prosecution or defence lawyers. This 'taste of reality' experience also allows for incremental development of important skills in oral communication decision-making and advocacy. In other topic areas review problems are provided to encourage students to develop their analytical problem-solving skills in relation to realistic and typical evidence issues arising in the context of criminal and civil litigation.Read more


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