Understanding Homicide 1st edition 9780761947554
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Author: Brookman, Fiona
Book Name: Understanding Homicide
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Lively and engaging Understanding Homicide impressively fills an important gap in the current criminological literature... an authoritative and readable text on homicide.Keith Soothill Lancaster University UKWhy do people kill?How is homicide investigated?What are the patterns and characteristics of UK homicide?How can it be prevented?Here is a comprehensive and challenging text unravelling the phenomenon of homicide.The author combines original analysis with a lucid overview of the key theories and debates in the study of homicide and violence. In introducing the broad spectrum of different features aspects and forms of homicide Brookman examines its patterns and trends how it may be explained its investigation and how it may be prevented.Areas covered include:� the killing of children� multiple homicide (including serial and mass murder terrorism and corporate homicide)� domestic homicide� female killers� homicide amongst menThe book is unique in its focus coverage and style and bridges a major gap in criminological literature. Whilst focused in several respects upon the UK experience of homicide the text necessarily draws upon and makes a significant contribution to international literature research and debate.The text has been written in a style that will be accessible to a wide audience and assumes no prior knowledge. Features to aide the student include study tasks review questions and annotated suggested further reading including internet resources.Understanding Homicide is ideal for undergraduate and postgraduate students in the fields of criminology criminal justice psychologysociology and forensics. It will also be invaluable to academics researchers and practitioners interested in the phenomenon of homicide and the broader issue of violence.Read more


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