Thermodynamicsx 2nd edition 9780070110625
Product Edition:2nd edition
Author: Yunus A. Cengel
Book Name: Thermodynamicsx
Subject Name: Engineering

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Based on the very successful first edition the second edition of Cengel / Boles introduces fundamentals of thermodynamics to engineering students in an intuitive mannner. The material is presented clearly and at an appropriate level for sophomores. The text is self-instructive thus freeing the instructor to use class time more productively. The traditional classical approach is used throughout. Lively presentation well illustrated with two colors throughout with expanded software to allow students to solve design problems and ask "what if" questions. Available in 5.25 or 3.5 DOS versions. Over 250 new problems new review problems section and new Computer Design Essay problems section. Features thermodynamics aspects of biological systems. New topics relevant to new developments added: two-stroke engines and turbo fans. Text relates the second law concepts to daily life by drawing parallels between the seemingly abstract concepts. New to this Edition: Over 250 new problems are added. This brings the total number of ondof chapter problems to more than 2000. A special effort is made to incorporate some safety related problems to enhance awareness of safety in engineering. A new REVIEW PROBLEMS section is added at the end of each chapter with about 300 problems to enable instructors to assign more comprehensive problems not tiod directly to any sptcific section of a chapter. A new COMPUTER DESIGN AND ASSAY PROBLEMS section is added at the end of each chapter with over 120 problems in response to added emphasis on design creativity and computer use in engineering education. Some historical perspective is added throughout the text such as teh development of the refrigerants in Ch 10. New section entitled SECOND LAW ASPECTS OF DAILY LIFE is added to chapter 7 to draw parallels between seeminlgyh abstract concepts related to the second-law such as the availability irreversibility and second-law efficiencly and the common occurrances in ordinary life. The software is greatly expanded and enhanced to allow students to solve design problems and ask "what if" questions.Read more


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