Thermal Radiation Heat Transfer
Product Edition:6th Edition
Author: John R. Howell
Book Name: Thermal Radiation Heat Transfer6th edition
Subject Name: Science

Thermal Radiation Heat Transfer 6th Edition Solutions

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Explore the Radiative Exchange between SurfacesFurther expanding on the changes made to the fifth edition Thermal Radiation Heat Transfer 6th Edition continues to highlight the relevance of thermal radiative transfer and focus on concepts that develop the radiative transfer equation (RTE).The book explains the fundamentals of radiative transfer introduces the energy and radiative transfer equations covers a variety of approaches used to gauge radiative heat exchange between different surfaces and structures and provides solution techniques for solving the RTE.What�s New in the Sixth EditionThis revised version updates information on properties of surfaces and of absorbing/emitting/scattering materials radiative transfer among surfaces and radiative transfer in participating media. It also enhances the chapter on near-field effects addresses new applications that include enhanced solar cell performance and self-regulating surfaces for thermal control and updates references.Comprised of 17 chapters this text:Discusses the fundamental RTE and its simplified forms for different medium propertiesPresents an intuitive relationship between the RTE formulations and the configuration factor analysesExplores the historical development and the radiative behavior of a blackbodyDefines the radiative properties of solid opaque surfacesProvides a detailed analysis and solution procedure for radiation exchange analysisContains methods for determining the radiative flux divergence (the radiative source term in the energy equation)Thermal Radiation Heat Transfer 6th Edition explores methods for solving the RTE to determine the local spectral intensity radiative flux and flux gradient. This book enables you to assess and calculate the exchange of energy between objects that determine radiative transfer at different energy levels.Read more


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