The Statistical Imagination 2nd Edition 9780072943047
Product Edition:2nd Edition
Author: Ferris J. Ritchey, Ferris Ritchey
Book Name: The Statistical Imagination
Subject Name: Maths

The Statistical Imagination 2nd Edition Solutions

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The Statistical Imagination a basic social science statistics text with illustrations and exercises for sociology social work political science and criminal justice courses teaches readers that statistics is not just a mathematical exerciseit is a way of analyzing and understanding the social world. Praised for a writing style that takes the anxiety out of statistics courses the author explains basic statistical principles through a variety of engaging exercises each designed to illuminate the unique theme of examining society both creatively and logically. In an effort to make the study of statistics relevant to students of the social sciences the author encourages readers to interpret the results of calculations in the context of more substantive social issues while continuing to value precise and accurate research. Ritchey begins by introducing students to the essentials of learning statisticsfractions proportions percentages standard deviation sampling error and sampling distribution along with other math hurdles are clearly explained to fill in any math gaps students may bring to the classroom. Treating statistics as a skill learned best by doing the author supplies a range of student-friendly questions and exercises to both demystify the calculation process and to encourage the kind of proportional thinking needed to master the subject. Web site supplements for the instructor including an Instructor's Manual extensive Test Bank and a Solutions Manual with complete keys to all chapter exercises provide a turnkey package for effectively teaching undergraduate statistics. "The Statistical Imagination" includes computer-based assignments with over 10 data sets for use with the free Student Version SPSS 14.0 CD-ROM that accompanies each new copy of the book.Read more


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