The Media and Communications in Australia 4th edition 9781743311639
Product Edition:4th edition
Author: Cunningham, Stuart Turnbull, Sue
Book Name: The Media and Communications in Australia
Subject Name: Law

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Traditional media are being reshaped by digital technologies. The funding model for quality journalism has been undermined by the drift of advertising online demarcations between different forms of media are rapidly fading and audiences have fragmented. We can catch up with our favourite TV show on a tablet social media can be more important than mainstream radio in a crisis and organisations large and small have become publishers in their own right on apps. Nevertheless mainstream media remain powerful.The Media and Communications in Australia offers a systematic introduction to this dynamic field. Fully updated and revised to take account of recent developments this fourth edition outlines the key media industries and explains how communications technologies are impacting on them. It provides a thorough overview of the main approaches taken in studying the media and includes an expanded 'issues' section with new chapters on social media gaming apps the environment media regulation ethics and privacy.With contributions from some of Australia's best researchers and teachers in the field The Media and Communications in Australia remains the most comprehensive and reliable introduction to media and communications available. It is an ideal student text and a reference for teachers of media and anyone interested in this influential industry.Read more


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