The Human Body in Health & Disease - Softcover, 7e 7th Edition 9780323402118
Product Edition:7th Edition
Author: Kevin T. Patton PhD, Gary A. Thibodeau PhD
Book Name: The Human Body in Health & Disease - Softcover, 7e
Subject Name: Science

The Human Body in Health & Disease - Softcover, 7e 7th Edition Solutions

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No one explains A&P more clearly! The Human Body in Health & Disease 7th Edition makes it easier to understand how the body works both in normal conditions and when things go wrong. Its easy-to-read writing style more than 500 full-color illustrations and unique Clear View of the Human Body transparencies keep you focused on the principles of anatomy physiology and pathology. New to this edition are Connect It! features with bonus online content and concept maps with flow charts to simplify complex topics. From noted educators Kevin Patton and Gary Thibodeau this book presents A&P in a way that lets you know and understand what is important.More than 545 full-color photographs and drawings bring difficult A&P concepts to life and illustrate the most current scientific knowledge.�Clear conversational writing style breaks down information into brief �chunks� making principles easier to understand.UNIQUE! Clear View of the Human Body transparencies allow you to peel back the layers of the body with a 22-page full-color insert showing the male and female human body along several planes.�Over 50 Animation Direct 3-D animations provide dynamic visual explanations for key concepts with callouts in the text directing you to these animations on the Evolve companion website.�Language of Science/Language of Medicinepresents lists of medical terms pronunciations and word parts to help you become familiar with A&P terminology and the meanings of individual word parts.�Useful learning features include study tips chapter objectives case studies critical thinking questions summary boxes review questions and chapter tests.A study guide reinforces your understanding of anatomy and physiology with a variety of practical exercises to help you review and apply key A&P concepts. Sold separately.NEW and UNIQUE! Connect It! articles on the Evolve companion website provide bonus information for you to explore and are called out in the text.NEW and UNIQUE! Active Concept Mapson Evolve utilize animated and narrated flow charts to explain complex topics and are also called out in the text.NEW! Chapter objectives and Active Learning sections more closely tie objectives to the end-of-chapter material.UPDATED! Genetics chapter includes the latest and most important advances.Read more


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