The Human Body in Health and Illness, 5e 5th Edition 9781455772346
Product Edition:5th Edition
Author: Barbara Herlihy PhD(Physiology) RN
Book Name: The Human Body in Health and Illness, 5e
Subject Name: Science

The Human Body in Health and Illness, 5e 5th Edition Solutions

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Using colorful cartoons illustrations and an easy-to-read approach The Human Body in Health and Illness 4th Edition makes it fun to learn anatomy & physiology. Clear step-by-step explanations provide all the information you need to know so concepts are easy to understand even if you have a limited background in the sciences. Written by well-known educator Barbara Herlihy the book begins with a basic discussion of the human body and cellular structure and moves toward genetics and the greater complexity of the human organism. It breaks down complex concepts and processes into digestible chunks and new features such as Re-Think and Go Figure! help you apply what you've learned to common problems in patient care.Full-color illustrations simplify difficult concepts and complex processes.Colorful cartoons use humor to clarify and reinforce the content making it more memorable accessible and reader-friendly.Interesting analogies and examples make learning easier especially if you're studying A&P for the first time.Key terms and objectives are listed at the beginning of every chapter setting learning expectations and goals with terms defined in a comprehensive glossary.Did You Know boxes include brief vignettes describing clinical scenarios or historical events related toA&P.Review tools include chapter summaries Review Your Knowledge questions and Go Figure! questions relatingtofigures anddiagrams.UPDATED illustrations and content keep A&P information current and strengthen an already popular textbook.UPDATED Medical Terminology and Disorders tables include pronunciations derivations and word parts along with expanded in-depth descriptions of the most crucial information.UPDATED! The Evolve website assets include practice exams interactive activities and exercises the Body Spectrum Online Coloring Book and more!Read more


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