Product Edition:1st Edition
Author: Terry Painter
Book Name: The Encyclopedia of Commercial Real Estate Advice
Subject Name: Business

The Encyclopedia of Commercial Real Estate Advice 1st Edition Solutions

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The Encyclopedia of Commercial Real Estate Advice covers everything anyone would ever need to know from A – Z on the subject. The 500+ entries inside not only have hard-hitting advice, but many share enlightening stories from the author's experience working on hundreds of deals. This book pulls off making the subjects enjoyable, interesting, and easy to understand. As a bonus, there are 136 time and money savings tips, many of which could save or make you 6 figures or more._x000D_ Some of the questions this informative guidebook will answer for you are:_x000D_ How to Buy Foreclosed Commercial Properties at a Discount at Auctions_x000D_ Guidelines for Getting Started in Commercial Real Estate and Choosing Low-Risk Properties_x000D_ How to Value a Property in 15 Minutes_x000D_ How to Fake it Until You Make it When Raising Investors_x000D_ Should You Hold, Sell, 1031 Exchange, or Cash-Out Refinance?_x000D_ How to Reposition a Property to Achieve its Highest Value when Buying or Selling_x000D_ 10 Tested Methods to Recession-Proof Your Property_x000D_ How You Can Soar To The Top by Becoming a Developer_x000D_ Trade Secrets for Getting The Best Rate and Terms on Your Loan – Revealed!_x000D_ 11 Ways Property Managers Will Try and Steal From You - How to Catch and Stop Them!_x000D_ Whenever you have a question on any commercial real estate subject, just open this invaluable book and get the guidance you are looking for.


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