The Dynamics of Persuasion 5th Edition 9780415507424
Product Edition:5th Edition
Author: Richard M. Perloff
Book Name: The Dynamics of Persuasion
Subject Name: Science

The Dynamics of Persuasion 5th Edition Solutions

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With substantial revisions reflecting new research and changes in society the fifth edition of The Dynamics of Persuasion introduces students to major theories of persuasion and attitudes using theory as the key to unlock the mysteries of contemporary social influence. Organized in terms of major concepts issues and persuasion contexts the book offers a lucid introduction to the body of scholarly knowledge on persuasion up-to-date examples of persuasion in real life and a thorough discussion of the ethics of persuasion in contemporary society.This package includes a free one-year subscription to an enhanced Interactive eTextbook complete with author-narrated chapter synopses videos exercises flashcards and more resources for instructors and students.Key features of the interactive e-textbook:��Anytime anywhere access via VitalSource�s Bookshelfthe most used eTextbook platform in the world��End-of-chapter interactive exercisesmultiple-choice exercises to encourage students to test their understanding of the key concepts��Audio chapter introductions from the author���Note taking and sharing functionalities��Clickable definitions for key terms��Hyperlinked further reading with links to key websites selected by the author��A full color version of the text.Available Instructor Resources:��An instructor manual��An image bank drawn from the text��A video playlist with complementary discussion questions��Chapter-by-chapter slides which instructors can adapt and integrate with their teaching��Web links to useful websites and further readingVisit where instructors can register to access the instructor resources for free.Read more


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