The Creation-Evolution Debate: Historical Perspectives, Vol. 3 8th Edition 9780820331065
Product Edition:8th Edition
Author: Edward J. Larson, Mitchell Reddish
Book Name: The Creation-Evolution Debate: Historical Perspectives, Vol. 3
Subject Name: Social-science

The Creation-Evolution Debate: Historical Perspectives, Vol. 3 8th Edition Solutions

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Few issues besides evolution have so strained Americans' professed tradition of tolerance. Few historians besides Pulitzer Prize winner Edward J. Larson have so perceptively chronicled evolution's divisive presence on the American scene. This slim volume reviews the key aspects current and historical of the creation-evolution debate in the United States. Larson discusses the transatlantic response to Darwinism the American controversy over teaching evolution in public schools and the religious views of American scientists. He recalls the theological qualms about evolution held by some leading scientists of Darwin's time. He looks at the 2006 Dover Pennsylvania court decision on teaching Intelligent Design and other cases leading back to the landmark 1925 Scopes trial. Drawing on surveys that Larson conducted he discusses attitudes of American scientists toward the existence of God and the afterlife. By looking at the changing motivations and backgrounds of the stakeholders in the creation-evolution debate--clergy scientists lawmakers educators and others--Larson promotes a more nuanced view of the question than most of us have. This is no incidental benefit for Larson's readersit is one of the book's driving purposes. If we cede the debate to those who would frame it simplistically rather than embrace its complexity warns Larson we will not advance beyond the naive regard of organized religion as the enemy of intellectual freedom or the equally myopic myth of the scientist as courageous loner willing to die for the truth.Read more


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