The Art of Teaching Science 3rd Edition 9781760528362
Product Edition:3rd Edition
Author: Vaille Dawson , Grady Venville , Jennifer Donovan
Book Name: The Art of Teaching Science
Subject Name: Science

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The Art of Teaching Science has proven itself to be one of the most popular introductory texts for Australian pre-service and in-service teachers providing guidance on engaging students and helping develop scientifically literate citizens.Beginning with an examination of the nature of science constructivist and socio-cultural views of teaching and learning and contemporary science curricula in Australian schools the expert authors go on to explore effective teaching and learning strategies approaches to assessment and provide advice on the use of ICT in the classroom. Fully revised and updated this edition also reflects the introduction of the AITSL professional standards for teachers and integrates them throughout the text. New chapters explore:- a range of teaching strategies including explicit instruction active learning and problem-based learning- the effective integration of STEM in schools- approaches to differentiation in science educationand- contemporary uses of ICT to improve student learning.Those new to this text will find it is deliberately written in user-friendly language. Each chapter stands alone but collectively they form a coherent picture of the art (in the sense of creative craft) and science (as in possessing the knowledge understanding and skills) required to effectively teach secondary school science.'Helping each new generation of school science teachers as they begin their careers is crucial to education. This is the updated third edition of this valuable textbook. It contains a wonderful range of inspirational chapters. All science teachers not only those at the start of the profession would benefit from it in Australia and beyond.'Michael J. Reiss Professor of Science Education University College LondonRead more


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