The Analysis and Design of Linear Circuits 7th Edition 9781118065587
Product Edition:7th Edition
Author: Albert J. Rosa, Gregory J Toussaint, Roland E. Thomas
Book Name: The Analysis and Design of Linear Circuits
Subject Name: Engineering

The Analysis and Design of Linear Circuits 7th Edition Solutions

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As an introduction to the analysis design and evaluation of Electric Circuits this text focuses on developing the student�s design intuition and emphasizes the use of computers to assist in design and evaluation. Early introduction to circuit design motivates the student to create circuit solutions and optimize designs based on real-world constraints. Thomas/Rosa/Toussaint covers three major blocks in sixteen chapters. Chapters 1-4 cover dc circuits including dependent sources the ideal Op Amp and interface design. Chapters 5-12 cover ac circuits using both the traditional Phasor approach and a more efficient Laplace-early approach to include a signals chapter and transient and frequency responses in both the time and frequency domains. The last block deals with applications and extensions of the first two blocks covering Fourier Analysis (Ch 13) multipole active filters (Ch 14) coupled coils and transformers (Ch 15) ac power systems (Ch 16) and two-port networks (Ch 17). The text has over 350 worked examples followed by 422 exercises. Over a thousand homework problems ranging from elementary to complex are structured around a sequence of carefully defined learning objectives based on Bloom�s Taxonomy. This edition emphasizes computer-based analysis and design by expanding the number of examples exercises and problems using software for mathematical computation and circuit simulation.Read more


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