Sport Funding and Finance: Second edition 2nd edition 9780415839846
Product Edition:2nd edition
Author: Stewart, Bob
Book Name: Sport Funding and Finance: Second edition
Subject Name: Business

Sport Funding and Finance: Second edition 2nd edition Solutions

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Sport Funding and Finance provides a complete introduction to the macro-level and micro-level aspects of sport finance. It describes the evolution of sport from a kitchen-table operation into the sophisticated boardroom-driven global financial industry that it is today. It uses the professional sports leagues of the US and Europe as an international benchmark and explains why the financial context is so important for all managers working in sport. The book also provides a step-by-step introduction to the principles and practice of effective financial management providing the reader with a complete set of professional tools and skills for use in the sport industry.Now in a fully revised and updated new edition the book develops the reader�s understanding by first explaining basic concepts in finance and accounting before progressing to more complex issues and ideas. It covers every key topic in financial management including:Planning and strategyBudgetingFinancial projectionsFundraisingPricingCostingFeasibility studiesEconomic impact analysisRatio analysisEvery chapter includes a blend of theory contextual material and real-world data and case studies from around the world clearly linking principles to practice as well as review questions and problem-solving exercises to test the reader�s understanding. Sport Funding and Finance is the perfect foundation text for any degree-level course in sport finance and an invaluable reference for any sport management professional looking to deepen their understanding of funding and finance.Read more


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