Sociology: A Down-To-Earth Approach Core Concepts (6th Edition) 6th Edition 9780205999842
Product Edition:6th Edition
Author: James M. Henslin
Book Name: Sociology: A Down-To-Earth Approach Core Concepts (6th Edition)
Subject Name: Science

Sociology: A Down-To-Earth Approach Core Concepts (6th Edition) 6th Edition Solutions

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A Down-to-Earth Approach�James Henslin shares the excitement of sociology in Essentials of Sociology: A Down-to-Earth Approach 11/e. With his acclaimed "down-to-earth" approach and personal writing style the author highlights the sociology of everyday life and its relevance to students' lives. With wit personal reflection and illuminating examples Henslin stimulates students� sociological imagination so they can better perceive how the pieces of society fit together. In addition to this trademark down-to-earth approach other distinctive features include: comparative perspectives the globalization of capitalism and visual presentations of sociology.�MySocLab is an integral part of the Henslin learning program. Engaging activities and assessments provide a teaching a learning system that helps students see the world through a sociological lens. With MySocLab students can develop critical thinking skills through writing explore real-world data through the new Social Explorer and watch the latest entries in the Core Concept Video Series.This title is available in a variety of formats � digital and print. Pearson offers its titles on the devices students love through Pearson's MyLab products CourseSmart Amazon and more. To learn more about pricing options and customization click the Choices tab.Read more


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