Product Edition:3rd Edition
Author: Steven Hick
Book Name: Social Welfare in Canada3rd edition_x000D_ Understanding Income Security
Subject Name: Social Science

Social Welfare in Canada3rd edition_x000D_ Understanding Income Security 3rd Edition Solutions

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Widely used in introductory social work and social service worker programs across Canada, Social Welfare in Canada provides an introduction to the key concepts and contemporary issues. This book is intended for students currently studying social work, for those who may be thinking of entering the social services as a career, and for allied professionals seeking a basic understanding of the field. This is a uniquely Canadian text reflects Canadian values and experience. Social Welfare in Canada provides an overview of the income security system in Canada, its development, programs, and the major policy debates. It is intended for those seeking an understanding of the many income security programs and policies, how they fit together, and how they work (or fail to work) in practice. This volume on income security is a companion to Social Work in Canada (also by Steven Hick), which focuses on the social services side of the Canadian welfare system. Together, the two books provide a comprehensive survey of the two components of the welfare system, the wide-ranging policy debates taking place over the role that the welfare system should play, and the many challenges facing it today.


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