Social Psychology Of Food, Sc 1st Edition 9780335207541
Product Edition:1st Edition
Author: Mark Conner, Christopher Armitage
Book Name: Social Psychology Of Food, Sc
Subject Name: Social-science

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* How can we understand food choice?* What factors influence dietary change and weight control?* How does stress influence eating?* In what ways are foods used to present ourselves to others?Food is central to the lives of all and has for centuries been celebrated in art poetry and song. More recently media interest has focused public attention on the food we eat and its influence on physical health and mental well-being. However it is only in the past couple of decades that social scientists and social psychologists in particular have paid significant attention to the important topic of food. The Social Psychology of Food reviews this research from the perspective of social psychology.Key issues are addressed such as the role of various factors in food choice the process of dietary change the role of food in weight control and disorders of eating stress and eating food and self-presentation. Social psychological concepts are used as ways of explaining and understanding each of these domains of food research. The selective and in-depth coverage of the book is designed to demonstrate what social psychology has contibuted to the field and to provide an essential text for students and researchers in psychology and trainee professionals in health.Read more


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