Reliability Evaluation of Power Systems  9780306452598
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Author: R.N. Allan
Book Name: Reliability Evaluation of Power Systems
Subject Name: Engineering

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This book is a seque1 to Reliability Evaluation of Engineering Systems: Concepts and Techniques written by the same authors and published by Pitman Books in January 1983. * As a sequel this book is intended to be considered and read as the second oftwo volumes rather than as a text that stands on its own. For this reason readers who are not familiar with basic reliability modelling and evaluation should either first read the companion volume or at least read the two volumes side by side. Those who are already familiar with the basic concepts and only require an extension of their knowledge into the power system problem area should be able to understand the present text with little or no reference to the earlier work. In order to assist readers the present book refers frequently to the first volume at relevant points citing it simply as Engineering Systems. Reliability Evaluation of Power Systems has evolved from our deep interest in education and our long-standing involvement in quantitative reliability evaluation and application of probability techniques to power system problems. It could not have been written however without the active involvement of many students in our respective research programs. There have been too many to mention individu� ally hut most are recorded within the references at the ends of chapters.Read more


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