QuickBooks 2015: A Complete Course & Access Card Package (16th Edition) 16th Edition 9780134325903
Product Edition:16th Edition
Author: Janet Horne
Book Name: QuickBooks 2015: A Complete Course & Access Card Package (16th Edition)
Subject Name: Science

QuickBooks 2015: A Complete Course & Access Card Package (16th Edition) 16th Edition Solutions

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For one-semester courses in Microcomputer Accounting.This package includes QuickBooks� 2015 software.Provide a Real-World Experience with Extensive Hands-On Material�Designed to present accounting concepts and their relationship to QuickBooks 2015�QuickBooks��2015: A Complete Course�is a comprehensive instructional learning resource. The�Sixteenth Edition�uses fictitious companies and the QuickBooks��Premier Accountant 2015 accounting program to provide hands-on training while it introduces major accounting concepts. Readers have ample opportunity to apply the concepts they learn about in the book and software and�transition from training to using QuickBooks 2015 in an actual business.��While the book was written using the 2015 Accountant's version of QuickBooks Premier it may be used with the Pro version of the program as well. (Because of the many differences between the Windows and Mac versions of QuickBooks this book should not be used for training using QuickBooks for the Mac.)�No prior knowledge of or experience with computers Windows or QuickBooks is requiredhowever an understanding of accounting specifically the accounting cycle and how it is related to a business is essential to successful completion of the coursework.�0134325907 / 9780134325903��QuickBooks 2015: A Complete Course & Access Card Package�Package consists of:0134130103 / 9780134130101���� QuickBooks 2015: A Complete Course (Without Software)0134201736 / 9780134201733���� Access Card for Intuit QuickBooks 2015Read more


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