Public Health Practice in Australia 2nd edtion 9781743314319
Product Edition:2nd edtion
Author: Vivian Lin, James Smith, Sally Fawkes
Book Name: Public Health Practice in Australia
Subject Name: Science

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Public Health Practice in Australia offers a thorough introduction to what public health practitioners do and the 'effort' involved in improving the health of the public.This second edition has been fully revised and updated in line with current policies and practice. It highlights common threads that underlie seemingly disparate activities ideas and entities that comprise the organised effort of public health practice. The emphasis is on securing and maintaining the conditions in society that enable people to live healthy and fulfilling lives.The authors examine the impact of historical social economic environmental and political factors on the health of individuals communities and populations. Taking an applied multidisciplinary approach they outline the strategies and tools that public health practitioners use to improve health outcomes: identifying infrastructure needs in the workforce public and private sector organisations and in regulationgathering analysing and using health dataapplying interventions in health policy provision of health services and health promotion.Public Health Practice in Australia draws on current international and Australian research and the interwoven case studies make the theories and concepts come alive. It is a valuable resource for students and professionals across the health sciences including public health medicine environmental health health promotion health information management and health administration.'The book is impressive in the completeness clarity and consistency of the material covered and for the way in which many of the theoretical issues are related to current practice. An extremely useful and valuable reference for both students and practitioners alike.' - Thomas Tenkate Environmental HealthRead more


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