Product Edition:8th Edition
Author: Ronald Jay Cohen
Book Name: Psychological Testing and Assessment8th edition_x000D_ An Introduction to Tests and Measurement
Subject Name: Social Science

Psychological Testing and Assessment8th edition_x000D_ An Introduction to Tests and Measurement 8th Edition Solutions

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Psychological Testing and Assessment presents students with a solid grounding in psychometrics and the world of testing and assessment. The book distinguishes itself through its logical organization, readable text, and many pedagogical aids, such as the “Meet an Assessment Professional” feature in every chapter which highlights the works of people such as Dr. Stephen Finn, architect of therapeutic assessment. Now in its eighth edition, this text has consistently won enthusiastic reviews not only for its balance of breadth and depth of coverage, but for content that brings a human face to the assessment enterprise._x000D_ _x000D_ Instructors and students can now access their course content through the Connect digital learning platform by purchasing either standalone Connect access or a bundle of print and Connect access. McGraw-Hill Connect® is a subscription-based learning service accessible online through your personal computer or tablet. Choose this option if your instructor will require Connect to be used in the course. Your subscription to Connect includes the following:_x000D_ _x000D_ • SmartBook® - an adaptive digital version of the course textbook that personalizes your reading experience based on how well you are learning the content._x000D_ • Access to your instructor’s homework assignments, quizzes, syllabus, notes, reminders, and other important files for the course._x000D_ • Progress dashboards that quickly show how you are performing on your assignments and tips for improvement._x000D_ • The option to purchase (for a small fee) a print version of the book. This binder-ready, loose-leaf version includes free shipping.


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