Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing 6th Edition 9781451187892
Product Edition:6th Edition
Author: Sheila L. Videbeck
Book Name: Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing
Subject Name: Science

Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing 6th Edition Solutions

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Succeed in your course and prepare for effective practice with Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing: 6th Edition . Focused throughout on helping you develop the skills and knowledge you&ll need on the job this practical book explores the full psychiatric nursing curriculum and gives you opportunities to practice specific nursing interventions build therapeutic communication skills and apply content within the framework of the nursing process. A study guide built into every chapter helps you master key concepts and build critical reasoning skills.Identify major disorders through clinical vignettes that &paint a picture&of the disorder in action.Prepare for effective practice with Best Practice boxes.Increase your clinical decision-making skills with the Psych Nursing Online Video Series that shows realistic patient scenarios and then asks you to make decisions and answer questions.Learn what to look for in your clients through non-judgmental cartoon-like illustrations that depict disorders.Master key concepts and skills through Critical Thinking questions Chapter Reviews and a built-in chapter Study Guide that provides workbook-style fill-in short-answer and NCLEX-style questions that test knowledge and understanding. Answers appear at the back of the book.Enhance your personal and professional development through chapter-ending Self-Awareness features that encourage you to reflect on yourself your emotions and your attitudes.Build skills in culturally sensitive practice through Cultural Considerations sections.Enhance your therapeutic communication skills through Therapeutic Communication Dialogues which are set off with an icon and give specific examples of nurse-client interactions.Strengthen your role as an educator through Client/Family Education boxes .Read more


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