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Process of Community Health Education.. 2nd Edition 9781577666103
Product Edition:2nd Edition
Author: Doyle
Book Name: Process of Community Health Education..
Subject Name: Science

Process of Community Health Education.. 2nd Edition Solutions

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Improved health and quality of life are the overarching goals of community health education and promotion and thus form the backbone of this thoroughly revised and updated text. The authors provide a balanced overview of the information perspectives and competencies that health professionals need to promote health and quality of life effectively in community school workplace and health-care settings. They orient the discussion within the professional paradigm of boundary-crossing partnerships across health disciplines emphasizing the role of collaborative efforts to better meet community health needs. The Process of Community Health Education and Promotion Second Edition is designed to stimulate thought discussion and action. It incorporates real-world examples practical questions and a conversational tone to engage readers in a meaningful way. The authors' experiential learning approach is evident in the multitude of special features designed to help readers explore ideas and test recommended approaches. For example learning objectives and review questions highlight targeted learning concepts. "For Your Information" boxes provide nutshell descriptions how-to guidelines checklists and examples that complement and expand on chapter content. The "For Your Application" activities at the end of each chapter offer abundant opportunities for self-directed or instructor-guided learning experiences. Moreover the appendixes include a community assessment project guide and a professional portfolio guide to which many of the activities throughout the book contribute. This text successfully links the classroom to the real world with a skills-based focus that not only enhances professional preparation but also facilitates and supports continuing professional development.Read more


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