Product Edition:3rd Edition
Author: Jaime Benitez
Book Name: Principles and Modern Applications of Mass Transfer Operations
Subject Name: Engineering

Principles and Modern Applications of Mass Transfer Operations 3rd Edition Solutions

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Principles and Modern Applications of Mass Transfer Operations continues to provide a thorough, accessible text that gives students the support and the tools they need to quickly move from theory to application. This latest edition has been thoroughly revised and updated with new discussions. The third edition now discusses many developing topics in mass transfer operations in more depth, especially in the biological engineering areaThe new edition also covers in more detail phase equilibrium since distillation calculations are completely dependent on this principle as well as having a stronger emphasis on membrane separations, chromatography and other adsorptive processes, ion exchange, and multistage batch distillation, differential transport equations, and boundary layer theory.Principles and Modern Applications of Mass Transfer Operations features many clear discussions to help students quickly master new material and put their knowledge into practice, including: Twenty-five to thirty problems at the end of each chapter that enable students to use their newfound knowledge to solve problems Examples and problems that help students become proficient working with Mathcad including PTC Mathcad Prime 3.0 Figures and diagrams that illustrate and clarify complex concepts and processes References facilitating further in-depth research into particular topics Ideal for a first course in mass transfer operations, this text has proven to be invaluable to students in chemical and environmental engineering as well as researchers and university faculty


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