Practice Management for the Dental Team, 8e 8th Edition 9780323171434
Product Edition:8th Edition
Author: Betty Ladley Finkbeiner CDA Emeritus BS MS, Charles Allan Finkbeiner BS MS
Book Name: Practice Management for the Dental Team, 8e
Subject Name: Science

Practice Management for the Dental Team, 8e 8th Edition Solutions

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Learn the business skills you need to run a dental office! Not only is Practice Management for the Dental Team the most comprehensive dental practice management book on the market it is also the only one that includes EagleSoft software exercises for a realistic office experience. This unique text provides step-by-step instructions for performing essential dental office skills from managing patients to running the business. It covers all aspects of law and ethics technology communications and business office systems. Spiral binding makes the book easy to use!UNIQUE! Patterson Dental EagleSoft practice management content includes screen shots and original exercises that equip you with valuable realistic practice experience.Comprehensive coverage on the business of managing a dental practice provides vital information to ensure the success of any dental practice.Key terminology defined in the chapter�s glossary and called out in boldface color within chapter discussions helps you understand dental practice and clinical dentistry terminology essential to the success of any team member.Learning Activities and Practice Notes encourage you to apply the content to realistic office situations and convey important tips and advice. Learning outcomes at the beginning of each chapter frame the content and serve as checkpoints for comprehension and study. Summary tables and boxes provide easy-to-read summaries of text discussions that support visual learners and serve as useful review and study tools.Expert author Betty Ladley Finkbeiner imparts knowledge and advice from her years of experience and wide reach in practice and education.Bibliographical citations direct you to targeted sources of information where additional dental-related information can be located.Appendixes provide supplemental information for quick and handy office reference.Ancillary content supplements the core text presentations providing opportunities for practice and study.NEW and UPDATED! Electronic health record (EHR) content addresses the changes in technology related to the paperless dental office telecommunications appointment management and financial systems to help you become compliant with EHR federal mandates.NEW! Practice quizzes for each chapter on the Evolve website help you test comprehension and prepare for classroom and board exams.NEW! Artwork focuses on new equipment and technology specifically the paperless dental office.Read more


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