Practice Development Workbook For Nursing, Health And Social Care Teams 1st edition 9781118676707
Product Edition:1st edition
Author: Dewing,Jan;Dewing,Jan;McCormack,Brendan;McCormac, Brendan; Titchen, Angie; Titchen,Angie
Book Name: Practice Development Workbook For Nursing, Health And Social Care Teams
Subject Name: Science

Practice Development Workbook For Nursing, Health And Social Care Teams 1st edition Solutions

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If you�re looking to develop and improve your nursing health or social care practice either individually or as part of a team the Practice Development Workbook for Nursing Health and Social Care Teams offers a wide-ranging selection of activities tools and resources covering vital aspects of practice development.� Written as a companion volume to the latest edition of the best-selling Practice Development in Nursing and Healthcare this new resource grounds practice development in day-to-day nursing and health and social care through accessible informative learning activities.� It also focuses on practical ways in which teams can make their workplace cultures more effective and person-centred and enables practitioners to empower themselves to make compassionate care a fundamental part of effective health and social care systems.Key features:Offers a full range of resources and tools to support all stages of learning and development towards person-centred practice including learning activities templates posters tips and hints information sheets and checklists.Includes practical advice for teams to involve patients clients and residents in the transformation of workplace cultures and bringing about sustainable changePerfect for use both by individuals or by those working in group settingsPresents informative and accessible information through activities and key learning points rather than just theoryFully linked to Practice Development in Nursing and Healthcare second edition but can also be used as a stand-alone resourceIncludes access to a companion website featuring even more tools and resources including: sample Powerpoint presentations worksheets and reflection tools questionnaires and checklists evaluation tools as well as a bonus chapter on 'Sharing and Celebrating'Read more


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