Practical and Applied Hydrogeology 1st Edition 9780128000755
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Author: Zek?i ?en
Book Name: Practical and Applied Hydrogeology
Subject Name: Science

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Applications in Hydrogeology for Geoscientists presents the most recent scientific developments in the field that are accessible yet rigorous enough for industry professionals and academic researchers alike.A multi-contributed reference that features the knowledge and experience of the field�s experts the book�s chapters span the full scope of hydrogeology introducing new approaches and progress in conceptualization simulation of groundwater flow and transport and progressive hydro-geophysical methods. Each chapter includes examples of recent developments in hydrogeology groundwater and hydrology that are underscored with perspectives regarding the challenges that are facing industry professionals researchers and academia.Several sub-themes�including theoretical advances in conceptualization and modeling of hydro-geologic challenges�connect the chapters and weave the topics together holistically. Advances in research are aided by insights arising from observations from both field and laboratory work.Introduces new approaches and progress in hydrogeology including conceptualization simulated groundwater flow and transport and cutting edge hydro-geophysical methodsFeatures more than 100 figures diagrams and illustrations to highlight major themes and aid in the retention of key conceptsPresents a holistic approach to advances in hydrogeology from the most recent developments in reservoirs and hydraulics to analytic modeling of transient multi-layer flow and aquifer flow theoryIntegrates real life data examples and processes making the content practical and immediately implementableRead more


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