Powers of Curriculum: Sociological Perspectives on Education  9780190303709
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Author: Brad Gobby, Rebecca Walker
Book Name: Powers of Curriculum: Sociological Perspectives on Education
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Curriculum is powerful because it shapes what children and young people experience in educational settings. Educators are central to this as more often than not they have the most direct influence on learners' curriculum experiences. Powers of Curriculum explores the many issues surrounding curriculum in order to equip future educators with ideas concepts and perspectives that can make a positive difference to the lives of children and young people in the early childhood primary and secondary phases of education.The book explores a diverse range of topics related to curriculum the experiences of learners and how these experiences are shaped by powers within and beyond the field of education. The text is organised into three sections: Understanding CurriculumUnpacking Curriculum Issuesand Using and Enacting Curriculum. The first section introduces the notion of curriculum and its conceptualisation. The second section introduces a range of socio-cultural issues from a sociological perspective. The final section considers the practical dimension to learning about curriculum. The authors of the chapters encourage readers to reflect on their opinions and experiences and to explore the concepts and ideas used in the chapters to open education up to new thoughts and practices.Read more


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