Pop Culture Freaks: Identity, Mass Media, and Society 1st Edition 9780813349121
Product Edition:1st Edition
Author: Dustin Kidd
Book Name: Pop Culture Freaks: Identity, Mass Media, and Society
Subject Name: Social-science

Pop Culture Freaks: Identity, Mass Media, and Society 1st Edition Solutions

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Love it or hate it popular culture permeates every aspect of contemporary society. In this accessibly written introduction to the sociology of popular culture Dustin Kidd provides the tools to think critically about the cultural soup served daily by film television music print media and the internet.Utilizing each chapter to present core topical and timely examples Kidd highlights the tension between inclusion and individuality that lies beneath mass media and commercial culture using this tension as a point of entry to an otherwise expansive topic. He systematically considers several dimensions of identityrace class gender sexuality disabilityto provide a broad overview of the field that encompasses classical and contemporary theory original data topical and timely examples and a strong pedagogical focus on methods. Pop Culture Freaks encourages students to develop further research questions and projects from the material. Both quantitative and qualitative analyses are brought to bear in Kidd's examination of the labour force for cultural production the representations of identity in cultural objects and the surprising differences in how various audiences consume and use mass culture in their everyday lives.Read more


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