Pharmacy Practice for Technicians 5th Edition 9780763852269
Product Edition:5th Edition
Author: Don A Ballington
Book Name: Pharmacy Practice for Technicians
Subject Name: Science

Pharmacy Practice for Technicians 5th Edition Solutions

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With this exceptional textbook students gain the necessary knowledge skills and confidence to provide safe and effective care for the patients they will serve in their future careers. Chapter features help students learn all facets of pharmacy practice including:an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of pharmacy technicians in both community and institutional practice settingsa comprehension of the laws regulations and standards that govern pharmacy practicean awareness of medication safety issues in the prescription-filling processknowledge of the equipment supplies prescription order forms and medication labels used in pharmacy practiceinsight into professionalism including effective communication with patients and other healthcare professionals cultural awareness and ethical behaviorIn addition three appendices offer students valuable reference material on:the most commonly prescribed drugsthe top drugs administered in hospitalscommon pharmacy abbreviations and acronymsThe Study Partner CD supports student learning with:Chapter Terms and Flash Cards that help students learn key terminologyMatching Activities that provide students with a fun interactive way to learn chapter contentQuizzes that test students� understanding of important chapter concepts in both practice and reported modesA Link to the Internet Resource Center providing in-depth reference information and additional resourcesNew and Noteworthy Chapter Features:NEW! Practice Tips highlight guidelines pharmacy technicians should follow in the workplace teaching students how to be successful and efficient on the job.NEW! Timely Topics cover important issues and initiatives to heighten students' awareness of the developing technology trends and policies impacting their field.NEW! Reinforcing Your Learning offers 3�5 enrichment activities that strengthen student comprehension of chapter concepts.NEW! Thinking on Your Feet presents real-world scenarios that give students practice handling challenging situations in the workplace.NEW! Acquiring Field Knowledge expands students' understanding of pharmacy practice through Web-based projects.NEW! Sampling the Certification Exam provides students with 10 practice problems that model the test format of the certification exams.Learning Objectives establish clear goals for students as they begin their chapter study helping them focus on the information that is most critical to their success.Key Terms are highlighted and defined to help students better comprehend the language they will use when communicating with patients and other healthcare professionals.Safety Notes alert students to important safety reminders that must be heeded to provide safe and effective patient care.Photographs and Illustrations help students visualize pharmacy procedures medication dosage forms supplies equipment and real-world patient interactions.Tables and Chapter Summaries encapsulate key points of the chapter and offer students beneficial study aids.Read more


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