Pharmacy Calculations for Technicians 5th Edition 9780763852214
Product Edition:5th Edition
Author: Don A. Ballington
Book Name: Pharmacy Calculations for Technicians
Subject Name: Science

Pharmacy Calculations for Technicians 5th Edition Solutions

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With this exceptional textbook students gain the necessary knowledge skills and confidence to provide safe and effective care for the patients they will serve in their future careers. Chapter content provides a stepped approach to pharmacy calculations by laying a foundation of number sense in the beginning chapters and building to more complex calculations related to parenteral medications.Students using the textbook and Study Partner CD will:Review basic mathematical concepts such as fractions decimals percents ratios and number systemsUnderstand different calculation methods such as ratio and proportion dimensional analysis and alligationPractice calculations conversions and measurements for accurate drug dosesBecome knowledgeable about business calculations such as inventory profit margins and insurance reimbursementsIn addition four appendices provide important resources for pharmacy technician students. These appendices include:Problem Set AnswersAdditional Practice with Fractions and PercentsCommon Pharmacy Abbreviations and AcronymsMeasures and ConversionsThe Study Partner CD supports student learning with:Chapter Terms and Flash Cards that help students learn key terminologyMatching Activities that provide students with a fun interactive way to learn chapter contentQuizzes that test students� understanding of important chapter concepts in both Practice and Reported modesA link to the Internet Resource Center that provides in-depth reference information and additional resourcesNew chapter features include:Timely Topics cover important issues and initiatives to heighten students� awareness of the developing technology trends and policies impacting their field. Specifically this edition covers days� supply time conversion IV calculations and insurance reimbursements to name a few.Sampling the Certification Exam provides students with 5 practice problems that model the test format of the certification exams.Body System Icons appear near all generic and brand name medications discussed in the chapter. These icons help students make connections between medications and the body systems they are prescribed to treat.For Good Measure tips offer students helpful hints and rules to remember when performing pharmacy calculations.Safety in Numbers tips alert students to important safety reminders to ensure safe and effective patient care.Put Down Roots tips analyze the root words of math terms helping students better understand how the definitions of these terms emerged from their word parts.Name Exchange tips remind students they must be familiar with both the generic name and the brand name of frequently prescribed medications.Chapter Summaries provide students with a helpful overview of the chapter�s key points.Assessing Comprehension provides 10 multiple-choice questions that cover important concepts from the chapter.Finding Solutions presents real-world scenarios to help students gain practice in handling challenging workplace situations.In addition to these new features Pharmacy Calculations for Technicians continues to offer:Learning ObjectivesExamples and Problem SetsKey TermsAuthentic Medication LabelsPhotos Figures and TablesChapter Practice TestsRead more


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