Personality Psychology 1st Edition 9780205738878
Product Edition:1st Edition
Author: Miserandino, Marianne
Book Name: Personality Psychology
Subject Name: Social-science

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Helps students relate current research in the field of personality psychology to their daily lives.�This book introduces students to the basic foundations and latest findings by presenting the fundamental questions accumulated knowledge and latest findings in genetics neuroscience traits self and identity intrapsychic aspects regulation motivation and cognition as well as the integration across these areas.�Personality Psychology is an undergraduate textbook for personality psychology: the study of individual differences for identifying ways in which people are both similar and different and for explaining how they became that way. Written with an approachable story-telling style the author presents an evidence-based text with integrated culture references and the key building blocks of the subject matter: genetics neuroscience and cognition. Miserandino is an APA-award winning teacher and has placed learning tools such as self-assessments within each chapter that guide students into a complete understanding throughout the text.�Click here to view a sample chapter!�Learning GoalsUpon completing this book readers should be able to:Analyze both the foundations and findings of the research processLearn about themselves the people around them and how personality psychology applies to their everyday livesUnderstand and interpret new discoveries in psychology and related fields as they occur in the future�Read more


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