Oxford Specialist Handbook of Retrieval Medicine 1st Edition 9780198722168
Product Edition:1st Edition
Author: Evans, Dr. Charlotte
Book Name: Oxford Specialist Handbook of Retrieval Medicine
Subject Name: Science

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Retrieval Medicine is a core concise and practical text covering the complex clinical and logistical problems experienced in the retrieval environment. Focusing on evidence-based management and clear clinical guidance this easily portable handbook provides a comprehensive and accessible guide to this growing field for all health professionals involved in the retrieval and transfer of critically ill patients.Covering the practice of acute emergency and critical care medicine in the transport environment this handbook provides the practical guidance and clinical knowledge to enable medical practitioners to function independently in highly variable and resource limited environments with acutely unwell unstable and often clinically undifferentiated patients over long durations. Closely mapped to the Royal College of Surgeons syllabus on retrieval and transfer medicine this title comprehensively covers all aspects of retrieval medicine from basic flight physiology to more complex retrievals and common pitfalls.Authored by an authoritative international team of expert editors and specialist authors this clinically focused text is complemented by a range of checklists and reference tools for practical and accessible use in the field. These deliver core information for use in the primary retrieval setting allowing the retreivalist to structure their approach to a crisis and correct the problem with suggested interventions. Topics include retrieval systems and coordination crisis resource management shock and a range of chapters focusing on responding to specific areas of medicine when encountered in the retrieval environment such as cardiology and obstetrics and gynaecology.Read more


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