Product Edition:1st edition
Author: B. Mahadevan
Book Name: Operations Management : Theory and Pract
Subject Name: Business

Operations Management : Theory and Pract 1st edition Solutions

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Operations Management: Theory and Practice is the outcome of continuous testing of alternative ideas, concepts and pedagogical designs with MBA students, working executives from diverse industries and research scholars. The basic concept of this book is to incorporate the salient features one usually finds in international textbooks and at the same time, enrich the book with contextually relevant examples. New chapter: Sustainability is increasingly becoming important for businesses. Several of the current students will be required to play a key role in managing businesses that are also sustainable in their operations. In order to equip the students with the necessary understanding of the related issues, a new chapter-Chapter 3 titled "Sustainability in Operations"- has been introduced in this edition. Updated material: Several topics, such as the design of manufacturing processes, lean management and six sigma, have been revised to make them more comprehensive. Moreover, many of the Ideas at Work boxes, such as Café Coffee Day (CCD) and the data provided in the tables have been updated to reflect recent events. The description of the new attempts by businesses to addresses sustainability and project management pertaining to Terminal 3 of Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi is an example in this category. Additions to the end-of-chapter exercises: Mini Projects and Net-wise Exercises have been updated Video Insights: This is a new feature introduced in this edition. In an era of media convergence and availability of useful information on the Internet, the students need to benefit from these and expand their understanding and scope of application of the concepts discussed in the book. To facilitate this process, over 15 videos have been identified and their URLs have been provided so that students can pursue them. These videos cover the actual working of a variety of manufacturing and service firms along with expert opinions and interviews on certain aspects of operations.


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