Nutrition Counseling and Education Skills 7th edition 9781496339140
Product Edition:7th edition
Author: Holli
Book Name: Nutrition Counseling and Education Skills
Subject Name: Science

Nutrition Counseling and Education Skills 7th edition Solutions

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Now in vibrant full color this updated 7th Edition of Holli&s best-selling Nutrition Counseling and Education Skills : A Guide for Professionals helps students develop the communications counseling interviewing motivational and professional skills they&ll need as Registered Dietician professionals.Throughout the book the authors focus on effective nutrition interventions evidence-based theories and models clinical nutrition principles and knowledge of behavioral science and educational approaches.Packed with activities case studies and self-assessment questions the 7th Edition features new content that reflects the latest changes in the field new online videos that bring nutrition counseling techniques to life and a powerful array of new and enhanced in-text and online learning tools.New chapter-opening Case Challenges with related questions threaded through the chapter encourage students to think critically about chapter content.New counseling videos from the author bring content to life and help students understand the nuances of effective nutrition counseling.Coverage of new standards of practice for specialties such as gerontology nephrology etc. keeps students up-to-date with today&s best practices.A three-part organization (Communication Skills Counseling for Health Behavior Change and Education Skills) provides a better flow of information.Updated ACEND and AND guidelines reflect the latest changes in the field.A new full-color design and illustration program clarifies content and makes the book easier to understand for today&s highly visual learner.Insightful coverage of the Nutrition Care Process the basis for the Standards of Professional Practice in delivering patient/client care helps students understand the four steps in the process: nutrition assessment nutrition diagnosis using PES statements (Problem Etiology and Signs/Symptoms) nutrition intervention and nutrition monitoring and evaluation.In-Book and Online Case Studies highlight current issues such as cultural sensitivity and allow students to apply key concepts to real-life scenarios.Updated activities give students practice in developing their own communication skills and style.Updated discussion questions encourage students to explore and respond to key communication issues and problems.Valuable Appendices contain the standardized language for the Nutrition Care Process from the International Dietetics &#38Nutrition Terminology (IDNT) Reference Manual.New online student resources include a Case Study engine compelling videos and a free student membership to the Nutrition Today journal.New faculty resources make the book a more effective teaching and learning tool.Read more


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