Nutrition: An Applied Approach (4th Edition) 4th Edition 9780321910394
Product Edition:4th Edition
Author: Janice Thompson, Melinda Manore
Book Name: Nutrition: An Applied Approach (4th Edition)
Subject Name: Science

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Key Benefit: Nutrition: An Applied Approach Fourth Edition introduces you to nutrition with an innovative applied format that discourages rote memorization and promotes long-term understanding of the material. Building on your natural interest in nutrition the authors demonstrate in a clear conversational style how key nutritional information relates to your personal health and nutrition and show how to debunk commonly held misconceptions. The applied approach is reflected in the functional organization of the micronutrient chapters focusing on the vitamins and minerals and their primary functions within the body. The applied content is focused on key content areas: fluid and electrolyte balance antioxidant function bone health and energy metabolism and blood health�topics of particular importance to instructors. You can easily grasp this accessible conceptual framework for understanding the role nutrients play in bodies and overall health.Key Topics: Nutrition: Linking Food Function and Health In Depth: New Frontiers in Nutrition and Health Designing a Healthful Diet In Depth: Eating Wisely The Human Body: Are We Really What We Eat? In Depth: Disorders Related to Specific Foods Carbohydrates: Plant-Derived Energy Nutrients In Depth: Diabetes Fats: Essential Energy-Supplying Nutrients In Depth: Cardiovascular Disease Proteins: Crucial Components of all Body Tissues In Depth: Vitamins and Minerals: Micronutrients with Macro Powers Nutrients Involved in Fluid and Electrolyte Balance In Depth: Alcohol Nutrients Involved in Antioxidant Function and Vision In Depth: Cancer Nutrients Involved in Bone Health In Depth: Osteoporosis Nutrients Involved in Energy Metabolism and Blood Health In Depth: Dietary Supplements: Necessity or Waste? Achieving and Maintaining a Healthful Body Weight In Depth: Disordered Eating Nutrition and Physical Activity: Keys to Good Health In Depth: Do Active People Need Ergogenic Aids? Food Safety and Technology: Impact on Consumers In Depth: Food Ethics: Sustainability Equity and the New Food Movement Nutrition Through the Life Cycle: Pregnancy and the First Year of Life In Depth: The Fetal Environment: A Lasting Impression Nutrition Through the Life Cycle: Childhood to Late Adulthood In Depth: Searching for the Fountain of YouthMARKET: Intended for those interested in gaining a basic knowledge of nutritionRead more


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