Nursing Research 8th Edition 9780323100861
Product Edition:8th Edition
Author: Geri Lobiondo-Wood
Book Name: Nursing Research
Subject Name: Science

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Now in full color this easy-to-understand textbook offers a comprehensive introduction to nursing research concepts and methods. Evidence-based practice is emphasized throughout with clear guidelines for evaluating research and applying scientific evidence to practice. Coverage includes qualitative and quantitative research appraising and critiquing research critical thinking and clinical decision-making using research information. Balanced coverage acquaints you with the processes behind research and evidence-based practice.Distinct coverage of qualitative and quantitative research approaches are presented in separate parts of the book to avoid the confusion that often results when the two are interwoven.Complete high-quality research examples including three sample critiques demonstrate how to apply the principles outlined in the text to published quantitative and qualitative research studies.Research Vignettes help bridge the gaps among clinical research academia and clinical practice.All-star cast of contributors represents a widely respected team of experts in nursing research and evidence-based practice. Each chapter contains a variety of popular learning aids including Key Terms Learning Outcomes Helpful Hints Evidence-Based Practice Tips Appraising the Evidence Critiquing Criteria Critique of a Research Study Critical Thinking Decision Paths Critical Thinking Challenges and Key Points. NEW! Streamlined steps of the research process focus on how to appraise and apply research findings for evidence-based practice.NEW! Theory chapter features an up-to-date exploration of the most important theories behind nursing research.NEW! Systematic Reviews and Clinical Practice Guidelines chapter addresses this important area of nursing research.NEW! Quality Improvement chapter discusses the trending topic of quality improvement as it relates to nursing research.NEW! Updated research articles including a Cochrane Collection study reflect the most current high-quality studies particularly those that are accessible and relevant to readers with minimal clinical experience. NEW! All-new Research Vignettes illustrate the dynamic nature of nursing research.Read more


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