Nursing Diagnosis Handbook 11th Edition 9780323322249
Product Edition:11th Edition
Author: Betty J. Ackley, Gail B. Ladwig, Mary Beth Flynn Makic
Book Name: Nursing Diagnosis Handbook
Subject Name: Science

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Ackley�s Nursing Diagnosis Handbook: An Evidence-Based Guide to Planning Care 11th Edition helps practicing nurses and nursing students select appropriate nursing diagnoses and write care plans with ease and confidence. This convenient handbook shows you how to correlate nursing diagnoses with known information about clients on the basis of assessment findings established medical or psychiatric diagnoses and the current treatment plan. Extensively revised and updated with the new 2015-2017 NANDA-I approved nursing diagnoses it integrates the NIC and NOC taxonomies evidence-based nursing interventions and adult pediatric geriatric multicultural home care and client/family teaching and discharge planning considerations to guide you in creating unique individualized care plans.Comprehensive up-to-date information on all the 2015-2017 NANDA-I nursing diagnoses so you stay in the know. UNIQUE! Provides care plans for every NANDA-I approved nursing diagnosis plus two unique care plans for Hearing Loss and Vision Loss.Includes pediatric geriatric multicultural client/family teaching and discharge planning home care and safety interventions as necessary for plans of care. Presents examples of and suggested NIC interventions and NOC outcomes in each care plan. UNIQUE! Care Plan Constructor on the companion Evolve website offers hands-on practice creating customized plans of care.150 NCLEX exam-style review questions are available on Evolve.Promotes evidence-based interventions and rationales by including recent or classic research that supports the use of each intervention. Classic evidence-based references�promote evidence-based interventions and rationales.Clear concise interventions are usually only a sentence or two long and use no more than two references. Safety content emphasizes what must be considered to provide safe patient care. Step-by-step instructions show you how to use the Guide to Nursing Diagnoses and Guide to Planning Care sections to create a unique individualized plan of care. List of Nursing Diagnosis Index in back inside cover of book for quick reference.���Three-column index is easy to use. Easy-to-follow sections I and II guide you through the nursing process and selecting appropriate nursing diagnoses.Alphabetical thumb tabs�allow quick access to specific symptoms and nursing diagnoses.NEW!�Includes the new 2015-2017 NANDA-I approved nursing diagnoses compete with 26 new diagnoses.NEW and UPDATED! Provides the latest NIC/NOC interventions and rationales�for every care plan.EXPANDED! Additional information on concept based nursing and major nursing theories provides you with the knowledge you need for clinical success. EXPANDED! New content on QSEN safety and risk for infection keeps you up to date. NEW! In-depth coverage of wellness and primary prevention stresses the importance of health and wellness. NEW! Appendixes in the text provide you with valuable information in an easy-to-access location. NEW! Revised references in APA style.Read more


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