Nursing Care Plans: Diagnoses, Interventions, and Outcomes, 9e 9th Edition 9780323428187
Product Edition:9th Edition
Author: Meg Gulanick PhD APRN FAAN, Judith L. Myers RN MSN
Book Name: Nursing Care Plans: Diagnoses, Interventions, and Outcomes, 9e
Subject Name: Science

Nursing Care Plans: Diagnoses, Interventions, and Outcomes, 9e 9th Edition Solutions

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Learn to think like a nurse with the bestselling nursing care planning book on the market! Covering the most common medical-surgical nursing diagnoses and clinical problems seen in adults Nursing Care Plans: Diagnoses Interventions and Outcomes 9th Edition contains 217 care plans each reflecting the latest best practice guidelines. This new edition specifically features three new care plans two expanded care plans updated content and language reflecting the most current clinical practice and professional standards enhanced QSEN integration a new emphasis on interprofessional collaborative practice an improved page design and more. It�s everything you need to create and customize effective nursing care plans!217 total care plans provide more care plansthan any other book.Prioritized care planning guidance internally organizes care plans from "actual" to "risk" diagnoses from general to specific interventions and from independent to collaborative/interprofessional interventions to help you select the most important priority interventions for your particular patients.Introductory chapter explains the components of nursing care plans NANDA-I nursing diagnoses the NIC and NOC systems and how to create nursing care plans.Latest NANDA-I taxonomy is integrated throughout to incorporate the very latest NANDA-I nursing diagnoses related factors and defining characteristics.Latest NIC and NOC labels ensure you are made aware of appropriate interventions and outcomes.70 nursing diagnosis care plans include the most common/important NANDA-I nursing diagnoses providing the building blocks for you to create your own individualized care plans.150 disorders care plans cover virtually every common medical-surgical condition organized by body system.Health promotion and risk factor management care plans emphasize the importance of preventive care and teaching for self-management.Basic nursing concepts care plans focuses on concepts that apply to disorders found in multiple body systems.Nursing diagnosis care plan format includes a definition/explanation of the diagnosis related factors defining characteristics expected outcomes related NOC Outcomes and NIC Interventions ongoing assessment and therapeutic interventions.Disorders care plan format covers synonyms for the disorder (for ease in cross referencing) a definition common related factors defining characteristics expected outcomes NOC Outcomes and NIC Interventions ongoing assessment and therapeutic interventions for each relevant nursing diagnosis.Independent and collaborative/interprofessional interventions are highlighted by special icons that differentiate between independent and collaborative/interprofessional interventions.30 online care plans are hosted on the Evolve companion site in a user-friendly PDF format that allows you to cut-and-paste care plan contents to create customized care plans.NEW! Three all-new care plans include Readiness for Enhanced Decision-Making Frail Elderly Syndrome and Gender Dysphoria.NEW! Enhanced QSEN integration includes expanded coverage of the QSEN initiative in the opening chapter incorporation of QSEN language across care plan rationales and a greater overall emphasis on the four key QSEN competencies: Patient- Centered Care Teamwork and Collaboration Evidence-Based Practice and Safety.NEW! Greater focus on interprofessional collaborative practice addresses the growing interest in interprofessional education and the Teamwork and Collaboration QSEN competency.NEW! Expanded rationales now include physiological and pharmacologic effects and actions the most current nursing interventions and medical treatments lab values evidence-based practice QSEN competencies and reference to national standards (TJC CDC AHA ONS) nursing standards and other professional standards.NEW! Updated content throughout reflects the latest evidence-based assessments and interventions.NEW! Detailed table of contents lists every nursing diagnosis addressed in Chapters 4 through 14 for easier navigation.NEW! Improved design offers a more contemporary look that�s easy to use.NEW! Collaborative care map creator on the Evolve companion website helps you connect your Yoost & Crawford Fundamentals content with your care planning projects and clinical assignments.NEW! Reorganized chapters and care plans include logical combinations and divisions of topics making it easier to navigate throughout the reference.Read more


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