Navigating The Maze Of Research: Enhancing Nursing And Midwifery Practice 4th edition 9780729542135
Product Edition:4th edition
Author: Borbasi
Book Name: Navigating The Maze Of Research: Enhancing Nursing And Midwifery Practice
Subject Name: Science

Navigating The Maze Of Research: Enhancing Nursing And Midwifery Practice 4th edition Solutions

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Written for the undergraduate nursing and midwifery student the fourth edition of Navigating the Maze of Research: Enhancing Nursing and Midwifery Practice�introduces the research process and provides insight into both how and why research is conducted.For this fourth edition authors Sally Borbasi and Debrah Jackson highlight the connection between research critical evaluation of findings and the use of these findings to inform and improve clinical practice. Borbasi and Jackson�s Navigating the Maze of Research is divided into three sections guiding the beginner to confidently engage in the research process and arrive at considered informed clinical practice. Section 1: Defines key concepts and the research process while highlighting considerations such as ethics and traditional and non-traditional information sources. Section 2:� Introduces the vocabulary of research and fundamentals of research design types � quantitative qualitative and mixed method. New to this section is the important paradigm of Indigenous perspectives.����������� Section 3:� Provides steps for appraising research and translating knowledge into practice.A new focus on Knowledge Translation - how to read appraise and use research findings in practiceCase studies linking research to practiceNursing student quotes about researchHints and Tips Boxes: useful tips and notes to help you navigate researchStudent Challenges throughout the text provide opportunities to apply learning to practiceFully revised evolve online resources including Powerpoints self-assessment quizes and additional student challengesNEW chapter: Indigenous Insights into Nursing and Midwifery ResearchNEW chapter: Navigating Nursing and Midwifery Research EthicsNEW chapter: Knowledge Translation of Research Findings: Challenges and StrategiesA significantly expanded glossary to encompass the widening scope of nursing research.Read more


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