Molecular Biotechnology 4th Edition 9781555814984
Product Edition:4th Edition
Author: Cheryl L Patten, Jack J Pasternak, Bernard R Glick
Book Name: Molecular Biotechnology
Subject Name: Science

Molecular Biotechnology 4th Edition Solutions

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Acclaimed by students and instructors Molecular Biotechnology: Principles and Applications of Recombinant DNA is now in its fourth edition bringing it thoroughly up to date with the latest findings and the latest industrial agricultural pharmaceutical and biomedical applications.� At the same time the text maintains all the hallmarks that have made it a bestseller.� These include its straightforward jargon�free writing style and its extensive use of figures that help students make sense of complex biological systems and processes.� These features not only enable students to grasp core concepts but also create the foundation needed to support their own research and development work using recombinant DNA technology.� This fourth edition features greatly expanded coverage of the latest innovations in DNA sequencing techniques therapeutics vaccines transgenic plants and transgenic animals.� Moreover readers will find nearly 240 new figures to help them grasp all the latest concepts and applications.� With its broad range of topics Molecular Biotechnology is adaptable to different upper�level undergraduate and graduate courses emphasizing particular aspects of modern biotechnology.� For example instructors can easily tailor the content to courses focusing on the fundamentals of biotechnology as well as courses dedicated to medical agricultural environmental or industrial applications.� Key Features � New edition presents 645 figures and 113 tables throughout the text hundreds of which illustrate complex systems and processes Chapter summaries highlighting key points References to the literature in each chapter facilitating detailed investigations of all topics covered in the text End�of�chapter review questions enabling students to assess their knowledge Updated examples illustrating the latest concepts and applicationsRead more


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