Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 Complete: In Practice 1st Edition 9780077823931
Product Edition:1st Edition
Author: Randy Nordell, Michael-Brian Ogawa
Book Name: Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 Complete: In Practice
Subject Name: Social-science

Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 Complete: In Practice 1st Edition Solutions

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Randy Nordell Microsoft� Office Outlook 2013: In PracticeTopic Instruction Practice!McGraw-Hill's Microsoft� Office Outlook 2013: In Practice offers a fresh new approach to teaching today's students Microsoft� Office skills by clearly introducing skills in a logical sequence: 1) Topic 2) Instruction and 3) Practice. Nordell's T.I.P.s approach builds a foundation for success by helping students practice what they learn and provides transferable skills that allow students to grasp critical thinking beyond the textbook assignment.In Practice seamlessly integrates with SIMnet Online McGraw-Hill's online learning and assessment solution which has 1:1 content to help students practice and master computing concepts and Microsoft� Office skills. In Practice projects in SIMgrader allow students to practice their skills in a live Office application. Students receive immediate feedback upon completion of these auto-graded projects. The integration of In Practice with SIMnet helps to meet the diverse needs of students and accommodate individual learning styles.Additional textbook resources can be found on the text's Online Learning Center: For more information on NordellMicrosoft� Office 2013: In Practice and SIMnet Online for Office 2013 please visit or contact your McGraw-Hill representative.Read more


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