Medical-Surgical Nursing: Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems, 9th Edition 9th Edition 9780323086783
Product Edition:9th Edition
Author: Sharon L. Lewis, Shannon Ruff Dirksen, Margaret McLean Heitkemper, Linda Bucher
Book Name: Medical-Surgical Nursing: Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems, 9th Edition
Subject Name: Science

Medical-Surgical Nursing: Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems, 9th Edition 9th Edition Solutions

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Written by a dedicated team of expert authors led by Sharon Lewis Medical-Surgical Nursing 8th Edition offers up-to-date coverage of the latest trends hot topics and clinical developments in the field to help you provide exceptional care in today's fast-paced health care environment. Completely revised and updated content explores patient care in various clinical settings and focuses on key topics such as prioritization clinical decision-making patient safety and NCLEX� exam preparation. A variety of helpful boxes and tables make it easy to find essential information and the accessible writing style makes even complex concepts easy to grasp! Best of all�- a complete collection of interactive learning and study tools help you learn more effectively and offer valuable real-world preparation for clinical practice.Highly readable format gives you a strong foundation in medical-surgical nursing.Content written and reviewed by leading experts in the field ensures that the information is comprehensive current and clinically accurate.Bridge to NCLEX Examination review questions at the end of each chapter reinforce key content while helping you prepare for the NCLEX examination with both standard and alternate item format questions.UNIQUE! "Levels of Care" approach explains how nursing care varies for different levels of health and illness.More than 50 comprehensive nursing care plans in the book and online incorporate NIC NOC and current NANDA diagnoses defining characteristics expected outcomes specific nursing interventions with rationales evaluation criteria and collaborative problems.Over 800 full-color illustrations and photographs clearly demonstrate disease processes and related anatomy and physiology.NEW! Unfolding case studies included throughout each assessment chapter help you apply important concepts and procedures to real-life patient care.NEW! Managing Multiple Patients case studies at the end of each section give you practice applying your knowledge of various disorders and help you prioritize and delegate patient care.NEW! Informatics boxes discuss how technology is used by nurses and patients in health care settings.NEW! Expanded coverage of evidence-based practice helps you understand how to apply the latest research to real-life patient care.NEW! Expanded Safety Alerts throughout the book cover surveillance for high-risk situations.NEW! Separate chapter on genetics expands on this key topic that impacts nearly every condition with a focus on the practical application to nursing care of patients.NEW! Expanded coverage of delegation includes additional Delegation Decisions boxes covering issues such as hypertension and postoperative patient care.NEW! Genetic Risk Alerts and Genetic Link headings highlight specific genetic issues related to body system assessments and disorders.NEW! Revised art program enhances the book's visual appeal and lends a more contemporary look throughout.Read more


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