Mclaughlin & Kaluzny's Continuous Quality Improvement In Health Care 5th Revised edition 9781284126594
Product Edition:5th Revised edition
Author: Johnson, Julie K Sollecito, William A.
Book Name: Mclaughlin & Kaluzny's Continuous Quality Improvement In Health Care
Subject Name: Science

Mclaughlin & Kaluzny's Continuous Quality Improvement In Health Care 5th Revised edition Solutions

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Through a unique interdisciplinary perspective on health care quality and safety McLaughlin & Kaluzny�s Continuous Quality Improvement in Health Care Fifth Edition covers the subjects of operations management organizational behavior and healthcare service delivery. With a broad focus on both the philosophy and processes of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) the challenges of implementation and institutionalization are addressed using examples from a variety of health care organizations including primary care clinics public health departments and academic health centers. Significantly revised and updated throughout the Fifth Edition offers a greater focus on practical application and incorporates contributions from leading health care quality. Additionally the text has been reorganized and streamlined into 14 chapters in lieu of the prior edition's 20 chapters to make it an even more effective teaching and learning tool.� While being more applied and practical it does so without sacrificing depth. Extensive citations and detailed examples help students to understand the rationale and the most recent research and practice evidence that underpins the new techniques described. The 5th Edition features: - Streamlined coverage for enhanced teachability. - New chapters on Implementation Science Lean Six Sigma and Understanding Variation Tools and Data Sources for CQI in Health Care - Greater focus on application. For example the new implementation science chapter includes an appendix describing how to apply implementation science. - Discussion of the Quadruple Aim of health care and impact on CQIhow Public Health has institutionalized CQI to ensure community health qualityhow CQI has been more broadly adopted in Low to Middle Income Countriesand much more.Read more


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