Mathematics in Early Years Education  9781138731127
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Author: Ann Montague-Smith , Tony Cotton , Alice Hansen , Alison J. Price
Book Name: Mathematics in Early Years Education
Subject Name: Science

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This fourth edition of the bestselling Mathematics in Early Years Education provides an accessible introduction to the teaching of mathematics in the early years. Covering all areas of mathematics � number and counting calculation pattern shape measures and data handling � it provides a wide range of practical activities and guidance on how to support young children�s mathematical development. There is also guidance on managing the transition to KS1 and a strong emphasis throughout on creating home links and working in partnership with parents.This new edition has been fully updated to incorporate the latest research and thinking in this area and includes:why mathematics is important as a way of making sense of the worldhow attitudes to mathematics can influence teaching and learninghow children learn mathematics and what they are capable of learninghow technology can support maths teachingmaths phobia and the impact society has on maths teachingmaterial on sorting matching and handling datathe importance of educating about finance in today�s worldideas for observation and questioning to assess children�s understandingexamples of planned activitiessuggestions for language developmentassessment criteria.This textbook is ideal for those training to be teachers through an undergraduate or PGCE route those training for Early Years Professional Status and those studying early childhood on foundation or honours degrees as well as parents looking to explore how their young children learn mathematics. This will be an essential text for any early years practitioner looking to make mathematics interesting exciting and engaging in their classroom.Read more


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