Maternal and Child Health Nursing 7th Edition 9781451187908
Product Edition:7th Edition
Author: Pillitteri
Book Name: Maternal and Child Health Nursing
Subject Name: Science

Maternal and Child Health Nursing 7th Edition Solutions

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Prepare for your role as a maternity and child health care nurse with this updated Seventh Edition of Adele Pillitteri&s highly respected text! Presenting maternal-newborn and child health care not as two separate disciplines but as a continuum of knowledge the book presents the experience of wellness and illness as family-centered events and pregnancy and childbirth as periods of wellness in a woman&s life. Using a nursing process framework the book&s clear easy-to-understand presentation and wide range of built-in learning aids is designed throughout to help you master important concepts and skills.Develop critical thinking skills and make the leap from theory to practice through threaded Case Studies that follow a community of maternity and pediatric clients through each chapter.Build skills in nursing care planning with easy-to-understand integrated coverage in the text enhanced by an online Care Plan maker.Prepare for your role as a coordinator of care through Interprofessional Care Maps that demonstrate the nursing process.Learn to conduct accurate client assessments with Nursing Care Planning Using Assessment Boxes that give you specific &how to&tips.Broaden your knowledge of correct administration potential complications indications and contraindications of drugs through Nursing Care Planning Based on Respect forPharmacology boxes that ensure accuracy when administering drugs.Learn to anticipate and manage various clinical challenges with confidence through open-ended &#34What If?&#34questions .Prepare for sound practice with the step-by-step guidance provided in Nursing Care Planning Using Procedures Boxes .Build your skills in culturally sensitive practice with Nursing Care Planning Based on EffectiveCommunication and Nursing Care Planning to Respect Cultural Diversity Boxes that promote effective culturally sensitive communication with diverse clients.Get involved in key concepts through Critical Thinking questions that promote problem-solving and discussion.Assess your progress as you study using Checkpoint questions interspersed in each chapter.See how research informs the most current practices with Evidence-Based Practice Check Points that summarize research on topics related to maternal and child health care and connect it to the chapter case study.Understand the importance of the nurse's role in accomplishing the health care goals of our nation through Nursing Care Planning Based on 2020National Health Goals features.Read more


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